When you are seeking for a guidance in career and facing challanges in delivering what you have in you to the recruiter, come to us. We offer exclusive industry driven programs that would enable you in gaining industry experience and boost your domain knowledge. Probus has designed a program for freshers to amplify their potential in programming, software testing, Sales and Marketing. Meet our clients and gather requirment. When you are allowed to attend live environment and undergo realtime requirement gathering, you better understand the software development and testing approach. At fresher level this exposure really matters. The dedicated team of our development and testers gives you guidlines in development and quality analysis of applications. Our team shares experiences with you and help you understand critical and complex issues. We endeavour you in your career in various ways.

Software Development

Build your career in software development. Probus offers, internship program for freshers to escel their knowledge in software development. Get real time development platform where codes and projects developed by you becomes a product in market.


> Willingness to work.

> Basic understanding of Software.

> Good communication skills.

> Satisfactory acheivements in academics.

> Knowledge and basic understanding of ERP concepts

> Must have a technical education background

ERP Implementation Consultant

An ERP consultant is todays requirement and tomorrows highly paid resource. Grow your career with us in deploying most advanced ERP.Give yourself a platform whee you understand the manufacturing and corporate processes and meet famous entrepreneurs.


> Must have technical background

> Commerce and Accounts knowledge would be added advantage

> Ready to travel.

> Knowledge of industrial processes

> Better social knowledge.

> Understanding of the database concepts.

Software Testing

Software Testing is most important segment in software companies. without a quality analysis a accurate product cannot be delivered. At Probus, when interns are performing development, the codes are tested by software testing interns. At Probus, you get a great exposure in quality analysis of product.


> Must have technical background

> Functional knowledge would be an added advantage.

> Knowledge of ERP systems.

> Must be certified software tester.

> Good communication skills.

> Capable of working under pressuer

Marketing Manager

Starting your career in sales and marketing with us. Probus has wonderful criteria for this segment. When you join us in this depaetment you become most important factor in Probus. Our products and services are challanging and gives great experience of market.


> Excellent Communication Skills.

> Must have a technical Background.

> Should have Knowledge of software development life cycles.

> Positivness with good conveincing power.

> Ready to travel.

> BBA, MBA would get a additional advantage.